yeah man
it’s been awhile but. I feel like i need to write atleast something about what’s going on
me and my girfriend broke up, for real this time. Atleast i think it’s like that.
something petty, in my book, took its tole and wrecked what was turning out to be a good day.
should of went to work
should of not looked at my phone
should of not found this pride of mine, which i hold so dear.
i wan’t trust
i need it
in relationships and in life. I want to share myself with someone i can fully be truthful with, and never have to question them at all.
i didn’t have that so.
i guess let it be.
i love you. but maybe we’re not able to be together at this point in time.
i cause alot of pain. and i’m sorry.
this is a busy time in my life and I know that I’m not always going to be there for you
i want you to be strong, a symbol of strength.
but all i see when i look at you is how much i’m not living up to what you need
what our future would behold, what life style i want to enjoy.
i’m working hard.
i just hope i’m not making a mistake.
with or without


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